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The Clinical Managed Services Framework provides comprehensive coverage in the area of managed service delivery. The framework includes diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, kidney laboratories, catheterization, decontamination and maintenance services. “We are pleased to be working with NHS SBS to establish a framework agreement portal with our cloud and cognitive agents for artificial intelligence that will improve productivity, accuracy and interaction throughout the supply cycle. The Level Global Cognitive Application Ecosystem has been specifically designed to support organizations like NHS SBS and revolutionize the way their employees work and engage so they can focus on what`s most important in the business. The Medical Gases in Cylinders and Bulk Gases Framework provides NHS SBS customers with a competitive environment for the purchase of cylinders containing a variety of medical gases. The management framework for high-quality facility management systems includes 83 different suppliers in 50 different lots, covering everything from building management systems to moving services. Fire protection equipment and training Electronic equipment and electrical components, for the maintenance of catering equipment, measurable futures contracts and a fully managed service element. This framework offers a potential savings of 5 to 10%. The Hard FM provides a comprehensive catalogue of fire protection equipment and provides advice and support for fire protection equipment. This package includes delivery, installation, maintenance and training for fire safety training. This framework offers a potential savings of 5 to 10%. Consultation Framework 18: Multidisciplinary Guidance Services provides a market path fully in line with the OJEU for the provision of multidisciplinary consulting services. The framework covers a wide range of specialisations and offers savings of 10-15%.

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust (“The Trust”) created this framework to provide dialysis units for fully managed services and hybrid units for themselves and other public agencies. The Trust believes that the framework agreement will allow the broader public sector to benefit from a streamlined approach to service delivery.

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