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A partnership contract must be active (not expired) with an outside entity before an academic credit begins with educational opportunities. Most universities, including Queen`s, maintain academic records at the institute and faculty level. If you are talking to a potential academic partner, ask for their fact sheet and make them available to the Queen, which are relevant to the scope of the proposed activity. Complete in addition to the partner fact sheet or, if not available, the Queen`s Prospective Partner Profile (PPP). Once the PPP is complete, send it and the fact sheet to the AVPI for verification, via the application form for international university agreements. The Fact Sheet and the PPP are assessment tools that assess the feasibility of launching the proposed activities and the sustainability of the proposed activities. 1. After receiving the final agreement (or updated), the academic agreement delegate sends the agreement to the faculty member or the initiator of the agreement. (2) The faculty member or initiator of the agreement can now share the final agreement (or updated) with the partner institution to verify or approve. Changes to the UTEP agreement should be reported with successive changes in a Word document and returned to the UTEP representative for academic agreements.3. The college representative should refer the revised or approved agreement to the Vost Office for review and final approval. This step can be repeated several times until the negotiation is reached. The draft contract should not be signed at this stage of the process and remain in the Word format.

programs that are governed by specific agreements that typically involve an articulated transfer of credits from one institution to another for the allocation of one or more financial statements. Can also include bridge programs that include non-credit studies before course work for academic credits. Students are encouraged to take charge of one or more of the courses offered at the university before graduation. Some university programs require students to complete one to meet the requirements of their main subject, and must be approved by their faculty advisor. It depends on the cooperation and the agreement, there is no standard time.

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