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2.7. Registrar Registration Agreement and Domain Name Directive. The Registrar actually has an electronic or paper registration agreement with the registered name holder, which may be changed from time to time by the Clerk, provided a copy is provided to Verisign. At Verisign`s request, the Registrar provides a copy of the Registrar`s registration agreement. The Registrar includes in its registration agreement the conditions and other conditions set out in this agreement, which are consistent with the Registrar`s obligations to Verisign under this agreement. In its domain name registration business, the Registrar employs the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Directive and the Intermediate Office Transfer Directive, which were adopted by the ICANN Board of Directors on August 26, 1999 and November 7, 2008 and can be amended from time to time. In its registration agreement with each registered name holder, the Registrar requires the registered name holder: (b) Verisign and its subcontractors as well as its directors, senior executives, employees, representatives and affiliates of and against all claims, damages, commitments, expenses and expenses, including legal fees and expenses corresponding to or related to , for any reason. , the registration of the domain name by the holder of the registered name. The registration contract also stipulates that this obligation to compensate must survive the termination or end of the registration contract. In 2018, VeriSign, based in Reston, Virginia, and the U.S. Department of Commerce`s National Telecommunications and Information Administration amended their dotcom cooperation agreement, canceling an Obama-era price freeze that kept prices at $7.85. The agreement would likely mean that all high prices would be transferred to users instead of being borne by registrars who sell domain records and charge fees for extensions. Since its launch in January 1985, there have been more than 144 million registered dotcom domains on the Internet.

In November 1998, the DOC officially recognized ICANN as the new private non-profit organization responsible for the technical management of the ANS. Its mission is to monitor the use and transition to SRS, the procedures for developing and implementing the registration of filers, which would ensure a competitive registration system and maintain the stability and security of the internet. [6] 3.1.

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