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On June 25, Scott Ralls, President of Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), and Troy D. Paino, President of the University of Mary Washington (UMW), signed a guaranteed transfer partnership agreement that allows students to benefit from low tuition fees and a simple transfer between the two institutions. UMW is the fifth institution to work with NOVA to formalize a flawless guaranteed transfer process for students. The purpose of the transfer agreement is to ensure the reception of Germanna graduates with an associate of the arts and engineering sciences and, in some cases, a partner in Applied Science Degree, who have acquired a GPA under the GPA established by the transfer school. Most higher education institutions expect students to have met the requirements of the lower department, and students will enter with junior level status. Access to a specific academic program is only guaranteed if this is not specified. Admission to some majors can still be competitive and many will have their own MP`s and access conditions. Agreements containing signatures are registered. Under this agreement, a CCG student, once enrolled, was able to occupy five (5) classes at the UMW, while the student was also enrolled in the GCC.

The UMW courses would be transferred back to the CCGS and would be part of the student`s associate degree degree. Andrea Luna, NOVA Alumna and future UMW student, was secretary, vice-president and president of the Association of Student Governments (SGA), the French Cultural Club and student ambassador during her participation in NOVA. Luna said that when she first heard about the transfer partnership between NOVA and UMW, she knew she wanted to continue her active engagement by serving as a nova alumni liaison to help students transfer to UMW. For more information, including specific requirements for each VCCS agreement, please visit the VCCS transmission page. “Mary Washington University will be a better place because of NOVA,” Paino said. “The goal of this agreement is to work with our Community College partner to create opportunities for students, where they can easily, quickly and quickly reduce their degree. More importantly, this partnership involves bringing together students from different backgrounds who have different perspectives in places like Mary Washington and NOVA, who not only learn together, but work together to solve problems together, serve and learn from each other.┬áStudents with a degree in art, science or art and science with a cumulative average of 3.0 minimum grades can obtain a guaranteed accreditation at the University of Mary Washington. Acceptance in some programs of study at UMW is competitive; Therefore, guaranteed admission to the UMW does not necessarily guarantee access to these programs without further adoption by the program or by the department proposing the program.

The agreement provides that the majority of general educational requirements will be met with the following exceptions: the University of Mary Washington (UMW) and the Germanna Community College (GCC), recognizing the need to facilitate the transfer of students from CCG to UMW, have decided to adopt a co-registration agreement. The objective of this agreement is to allow GCC students qualified under this agreement to be able to take a limited number of courses at the UMW while the student is enrolled in the GCC at the same time. The university has special agreements with some colleges and universities to use our students. The Virginia Community College system also works assiduously on behalf of all students attending one of Virginia`s 23 community colleges, including CBT students. For more information on the agreement, please see the links below. The Guaranteed Transfer Partnership Agreement lays the groundwork for cooperation to facilitate the smooth transfer of NOVA graduates to UMW.

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