Al has been, and is currently, responsible for USI, a search firm. For the past 30 plus years he has successfully worked with hundreds of client and thousands of applicants.

Al is now taking his expertise of coaching potential employees empowering them not only to find job satisfaction but to create transformation in all areas of their life.

Al’s promise is that his coaching clients will receive the measurable results that they choose to accomplish.

Al’s first position was selling door to door for ‘The Fuller Brush Co.”  The position afforded him the earnings to attend NC. State and graduate from LA Valley; although his number one education came from the USHK, (The University of Hard Knocks.) His practical experience encompasses numerous growth Programs, including “The Mankind Project”, “New Warrior Training”, “Landmark Education”,  “Buddhist Retreats”, “ Living at Ease”, and “Communication Workshops”.

He exercises daily and even trained for and completed the Houston Marathon. Al prides himself of having his picture taken ahead of Jim Rogers, the world class runner, (it was a double loop, Al was on the first turn on the initial loop, and Rogers was coming in to finish.)

Al has 3 beautiful children, two grandchildren, and two supportive ex (all his exes live in Texas,) wives.


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