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This product offers protection against unforeseen costs at the end of the lease. Safe Lease makes turning in your vehicle at the end of the run a simple and stress-free process. Up to $5,000 in covered wear and tear costs can be re-educated without any deductible. These loads include exterior paint scrapers, surface edges, chips, pits, cracks, discolorations, sand, salt damage, window shards and tire wear. In the event of an end of lease, if the profile depth is below the 3/32″ threshold of a threshold value, this protection pays for new tires! Internal damage includes padding, surface cracks, cracks, stains and stains. Mileage overruns are not due, luxury is timeless. Rent a used vehicle and enjoy all the benefits of an Acura Luxury Lease. See leasing details for Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. With an Acura Luxury Lease, the benefits continue for miles. Take advantage of the flexibility to ride above or below your contractually agreed rental miles, overrun unused miles and much more.

Learn more about the Acura Loyalty AdvantageTM1. Lease-Guard includes: – Up to $7,500 in coverage when your vehicle is engaged. Automatic filing of the application to lease-turn-in at any time prior to the term of the lease or within 1 year of the original lease date. Covers wear and tear costs up to $1000 per individual event. Coverage is available for all new Acura vehicles. Maximum maturity plan at 60 months. Please note the contract for a list of included benefits. Full protection of rented vehicles. Thirteen categories of blankets to maintain new leased vehicles (during the duration of the lease) and to avoid excessive charges during termination. This package includes protection for small craters, chips, bumps and tricks, cosmetic damage to the wheels, repair/replacement of tires, repair/replacement of window chips, belts, pipes, brake pads, chroming and surface cracks in the cabin, cracks, stains, stains. That`s impressive! All this is included in the LR3 leasing – restore, renew, give back. No candour.

1 Acura Loyalty Advantage authorization is subject to the verification and credit authorization of Acura Financial Services®.

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